Blue Dart Customer Care Contact Numbers

The contact numbers of blue dart customer and office address, email ids of main branches are listed here

Location Address Contact Number
India [email protected] Toll Free Number:1860 233 1234
Ahmedabad Shalimar Co-op HSG SOC,
Near Embassy Market,
OFF Ashram Road.
Fax No: 079-6586195
Bengaluru Ground Floor,
Connection Point,
Airport Exit Road.
Phone No: 080-25229856
Chennai 11(Old number 38), Status Quo
Sterling Rd, Nungambakkam.
Fax No: 044-28252280
Coimbatore Paga Towers,
8/128 – 132, KATTOOR Street,
P N Palayam.
Phone No: 2243383, 2246832, 2248071
Fax No: 0422 2243647
Delhi 4th Floor,
Elegance Tower,
NON Hierarchical Commercial Centre, Plot #8,
Jasola District Centre,
Fax No: 011-40575281
Hyderabad 1-8-450/1/a/159 and 160
First Floor,
Victoria Castle, Prakash Nagar,
Fax No: 040-6632-3030
Kolkata Kanak Building,
Third Floor, Jawaharlal Nehru Road,
Opposite Jeevandeep Building.
Fax: 033-22881894
Mumbai Sahar Airport Road,
Andheri East
Phone No: 022-28244098


How to Protect Yourself from Hackers

Who’s a Hacker?

The definition of a hacker is one that translates to different persons in different ways. It is a word that differs in meaning to different people although there is a supposed meaning in lay man’s terms which translates to a person who illegally intrudes on another person’s computer or network thereby gaining unauthorized access either for fun or financial gains. In movies, hackers are usually portrayed as some sort of geek who can either be an antagonist or protagonist as portrayed in that particular movie.

Nowadays, hackers don’t have to be bookworms or geeks who illegally break into an unsuspecting individual’s computer or network. Basically anyone can be a hacker and this is not limited to age or gender. Basically anybody, with the aid of a computer, can easily obtain simple applications/programs that can help in monitoring inflow of data and information off a computer on the same network. Usually individuals who try to do this have an ulterior motive which may be for fun, financial gains or other shady reasons.

Brief History of Hackers

To many people, a hacker is someone who from the comfort of his room manipulates computer networks and accesses other people’s vital information and also steals confidential information from another person’s computer. This stereotype isn’t entirely true as hackers were originally students like anybody.

In the 1950s and 1960s, the word “hack” meant a sophisticated approach to solving a problem among students of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology which actually started as a practical joke during those times. At that time in one of the most elaborate hack, a campus cop vehicle look-alike was mounted on Institute’s great dome.

As time went by, the word has been attributed different meanings with reference to the growing computer programming hub at MIT and outside it. A hack was regarded as a sophisticated problem-solving act which was met with great appraise as it blends superior creative skill and critical thinking by the students then.